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72-H Affordable Housing; Certification Prior to Closing

As per the Suffolk County Administrative Code, §36-2B(2)(a)[1][d] and §36-2B(2)(a)[2][d], a property transferred through the 72-H program for affordable housing must be constructed and the home must be occupied within three years of transfer.

As per the deed restrictions of parcels transferred through the Suffolk County Administrative Code, §36-2B, the Grantee must certify to the Suffolk County Director of Real Estate, prior to closing, compliance with all deed restrictions. To complete this certification, complete and return this 72-H Affordable Housing; Certification Prior to Closing form.

Submission of a certification prior to closing to the County does not guarantee that the request will be approved and at times may require additional information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Director of Real Estate, Department of Economic Development and Planning.
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